Day 3 and the last.

June 6, 2011

The last day of a weekend vacation …always a bit sad to say good-bye to friends, the charm of the wharf we love so much and the relaxed fog I find myself in currently.  So now just a long bike ride, a longer linger at the popular coffee shop and maybe a pop-in to our favorite shop one last time for a few last-minute items before driving out.  Our room was recently remodeled, they have tricked it out a bit with a Ralph Lauren look that I don’t entirely mind, but it was cute before and a bit more authentic.  Now it’s got a better rain style shower head, better sheets and it’s generally more pulled together.  Still cute, you’d swear you’ve left the wharf and walked right into a RL showroom (ands that ain’t all bad, right?)  I’m not complaining the room and the association is still my favorite in Provincetown.  I’ll catch up with you all tomorrow… Happy Monday.P.S. I posted this one under SPF 30 because I should have remembered mine!  the breeze in the afternoon was just enough to not feel the sun, ooops.  I’m packing on the Keihel’s moisturizer right now and will def have to bend my tan lines with some sunless bronzer (also from Keihel’s).

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