Vacation – Day One

June 4, 2011

Sorry for the delayed post today… I’m out in Provincetown with good friends, wifi is a bit iffy so I’m posting from my phone ( always a bit dicey). But here less than 24 hours I have already stood at the end of a wharf and been in total awe of the natural beauty… And I’ve seen some beautiful places:

Point Reyes, and the entire Tamales Bay area and Napa Valley.

Lake Tahoe, and the Sierra Nevada mountains.

Hawaii, bamboo forests, pale blue water, palm trees and miles of sandy beaches.

… And of course Paris, Versailles, Seville, and the Hudson River Valley… to name a few more, but still only a partial list. BUT the quality of light and natural beauty of the Cape Cod National Seashore.



One Response to “Vacation – Day One”

  1. Aki Says:

    Thats beautiful…
    I love your blog and watch everyday.
    I want to build my house someday so i got learn from here so many ideas. Thanks.

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