D Ring Summer

June 1, 2011

In the design world, keeping it simple and effortless looking is sometimes difficult to achieve.  Do you ever give thought to the simple things in life that really are just perfect?  The D ring Belt is one of those things… nothing says summer quite like it. I’m a fan.  Not only is the d ring comfortable (adjust up or down as necessary) the casual look is synonymous with hot weather.  The D ring belt looks good with khakis, jeans and shorts – on men and women.

A fashion statement but still relaxed the D ring belt is american invention, D-rings have been used not only with clothes and material products, but also as a part of the horse’s bit and saddle. They are also used at harbors and in docks to hold O-rings in place allowing the ships to tie up.

Another great thing about the D ring belt… you can pay pretty much what ever you like for one ( Champion makes one for $8.00 and Gucci makes one for $275.0 and there are hundreds of choices in between) or you can make one, it’s easy.  Here’s how …

Materials Needed:
  • 2 lengths of 1 1/2″ wide ribbon (waist size plus 8″, usually 36-46″)
  • 2 1-1/2″ D-Rings
  • 7/8″ and 5/8″ Heat ‘n Bond Ultrahold

Step 1:Measure the waistband of the pants you will be wearing the belt with and add 8 inches for the belt. Select two ribbons that either match really well or are wildly different- whatever fits your personal taste. Also, select a grosgrain or other ribbon with some thickness- otherwise you’ll find the ribbon slick and hard to work with. Do realize that even though you select ribbons of the same width there will be some variation in their widths– as much as 1/8″– so a bit of the wider one will be seen on the other side. Cut both pieces of grosgrain to the length you calculated. Step 2:Cut a piece of 7/8″ and 5/8″ Heat ‘n Bond to the length of the ribbon. Iron both strips of Heat ‘n Bond to the wrong side of the narrowest ribbon, making sure the paper backing is against the iron. Overlap the two pieces of Heat ‘n Bond to make them narrower than the ribbon, if necessary. Place the wider ribbon on your ironing board, wrong side up. Peel the paper backing off of the Heat ‘n Bond and place the narrower ribbon, right side up, centered on the bottom ribbon. Iron until the Heat ‘n Bond has melted. Be careful not to get it too hot, as the Heat ‘n Bond tape can lose its stickiness with too much heat. Let it cool before you handle it. I love Heat ‘n Bond, as it not only holds the pieces together for sewing, but it adds a little body like an interfacing. Step 3:Stitch the ribbon down both sides approximately 1/8″ from the edge. If you are particular, make the thread and bobbin thread match the ribbon it will be sewn on. Step 4:Hem one end of the belt by folding it over twice approximately 1/2″ each time. Stitch across the hem. Step 5:Turn the belt over and on the other end of the belt, place that end through the two D-rings. Fold the ribbon under approximately 1/2″ and again approximately 2″ inches. Stitch across the belt.Printable Version




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