I Was Inspired!

May 31, 2011

After arriving home with cartloads of plants my partner and I set out to tame the yard yesterday. Inspired by Haskell’s and determined to revitalize the yard after winters punishment, we weeded and mulched, we pruned and we planted and we planted some more. I am very pleased with the results.  Many years ago we decided this little yard of ours didn’t need lawn, it struggled to stay thick and lush in spots due to the maple trees above and the shade they cast.  In lieu of lawn we laid pea gravel and created a mini-park, with beds and paths.  Common boxwood define most of the areas leotrope, hostas, impatiens, iris, lilac, ladies mantle and lambs ears have all found their way in and were still adding.

I guess one my favorite things in the yard is the dogwood we received as a wedding present.  It stands proudly in the side garden, “knots” of boxwood crisscross beneath it with different varieties of hosta in each triangle.  It a great view from the family room windows and I am quite fond of trimming the boxwood.  Anyways… how ever you spent your Memorial Day I hope you had a good one.  See you tomorrow.


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