Dear Readers…

May 29, 2011

As you know, I started this blog for myself… BILLblog is a design diary.  I find something I love and post it.  It’s not for a client, it’s not for a paid advertiser ( I have none, but WordPress pokes them in sometimes I know, that’s the price you pay for a free blog ) it’s just for me… AND NOW after 100’s of posts… 100’s and 100’s of readers!

Thank you for being interested in my point of view.  It’s really sort of wild to think as many as 500 people (or more) check out my blog on a daily basis.  Which brings me to the reason for this post.  I never though I’d care ( and I never thought I’d admit that I care ) but I’d love to get to 1000 readers.  to get there, fewer than 1/2 of you simply need to tell a friend about BILLblog and I’ll no doubt get to my readership goal…  I’m not going to win any prizes, I’m not going to start advertising ( I don’t think ) and I won’t stop blogging if I don’t reach my goal… it’s just fun to see the readership continue to grow.

Thanks for sharing BILLblog with a friend or two and thanks for reading day after day.


3 Responses to “Dear Readers…”

  1. Karen Hammond Says:

    Good luck Bill!!! (I”m Jeff Brock’s sister)

  2. Ask folks to include you in their blogrolls. Also, make sure all your posts also post to your Facebook feed. Comment on other blogs and note your blog URL.

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