Old and New Bathrooms

May 27, 2011

All you really need is a sink, shower and toilet.  But, do you stash the sink in a custom made armoire and wash your hair in a claw foot tub?  Or, do you expose the glass walled shower to the master suite and use square vessel style sinks?  Either way your going to get clean, I guess it just depends on what look you like.  My problem?  I love them both.  I actually have a small room intended for sewing that I’d like to make into a bathroom and the sink in an armoire look is perfect because it will allow for storage and help fill a room that might be slightly large for a bathroom.  And, whats not to love in this image? White painted floors, check! white on white walls, check.  Vintage charm, timeless details, relaxed and comfortable, check. check. check!

If you have the modern itch, scratch it by taking down the wall between the bedroom and bathroom and let the natural light in as in this beautiful space.  Hey, as long as you keep the shower clean it makes sense to open up a windowless room.  Do we really need so may walls anyway?  yes, of course you still need the toilet in its own private area, so it’s tucked behind the shower along with linen closet type storage… but with the night stands stretching from bedside to bathroom, storage is no issue here.  Really the sink vanity is dresser is nightstand.  Seamless.  Smart.  and, I love it.


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