White Kitchens and Ball Jars

May 23, 2011

I’ve always got an eye out for interesting White Kitchens, and I may have posted this one (above) before but what particularly interested in the Ball jar as kitchen accessory.  Suddenly the re-usable preferred method of “putting-up” fruit is sitting along side the $400.00 Dualit Toaster?!?  I’m into it.  It is certainly charming and adds a relaxed vintage vibe.

Of course this look is better suited to the farmhouse sink and shaker door stylings of a traditional kitchen but these details could and do go modern ( always with the ying/yang of traditional vs modern ).  I like the nod to “Grammies Kitchen” the jars give, not to mention the details like footed cabinetry and bin pulls.The Ball (or Mason jar) also does duty in the bathroom.  This is a great look for the summer house… Guests can help themselves with having to open every drawer and the counter stays free of clutter making it easy to unpack or live out of your dob kit.  This id definitely a look I will borrow!There is the fancy toaster, peaking around the corner from this mantle turned hood-alcove-shelf.  For me you just can’t go wrong with painted floors, painted cabinets and wooden countertops… love.This last kitchen is a bit more polished with the stone countertops and stainless accents but it still maintains a “country” aesthetic with the hardware, shaker doors and wide board floors.  Who wouldn’t want all that natural light in their kitchen?  Favorite detail: It’s a toss-up between the utensil rail under the hood and the feet on the cabinets.

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