Dream House

May 16, 2011

I’m always writing about the interior of my dream house, my beach shack, so by now the majority of you could recite all the basics bells and whistles from memory.  I hope that the my ramblings are inspirational, and that maybe you even borrow a few ideas  for yourself in your house or second home or maybe your dream house.  The idea for me is ease of living, a cared for yard but not a fussy one, a charming interior but casual, and the exterior yes… the exterior matters too.  I live in a very formal looking symmetrical Colonial Revival neo-Georgian Victorian house built at the turn of the century.  It’s a beautiful home but the formality of the architecture suggests that the interiors follow suit.  So I’m blogging about exteriors today and how the interior of ones home should “match” the exterior.  A homes furnishings and finishes should relate to the architectural style, this doesn’t mean if you live in a Victorian that your furniture needs to be Victorian, but a nod to or pieces from that era would certainly be appropriate.  More importantly, a formality in furniture placement and over all style should.  Houses built-in the late 50’s through the 70’s are best suited with a transitional style, traditional with and up-dated or modern edge.  Large scale homes of the 80’s (McMansions) need large-scale furniture and details that fit the  proportion of the home, and so on.

My little house will most likely be one story.  I always say it needs to be able to be painted in a single weekend… ok, 3 day weekend, but you get the point.  The tone I want to set is feet up, wet bathing suits ok, grab a drink and relax.  If I can “stay on message” I’m going for an all white interior, with the exception of a few family pieces I just can’t bear to paint.  Floors and all will be white.  Yes, they are hard to maintain… but I’m not going for prefect here.  Chips, scratches and even a little sand will not only be tolerated but celebrated, I’ll just sweep it out at the end of the season.  Try as I might I couldn’t keep this post to exteriors, important as they are… My heart is always in the details of the interior design and the beauty of creating a space that feels good to be in.  For me it really is more the mood of a room, the sum of its parts that is ultimately the most important.  I am always telling customers to buy what they love and the room – or house – will come together.  Of course you have to remember scale, budget, floor plan, and basic needs but the rule of buy what you love almost always seems to work.

oh… and one of these attached to it would be nice.  Yes please!

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