White Always Works! ( White Kitchens )

May 14, 2011

No matter the style… Modern, cottage, traditional, Tuscan (please, no Tuscan) White always works.  I have been hoarding these pictures for “super post” of white kitchens because I think all these different styles really show that it doesn’t matter what style you choose, white always works.  A huge fan of painted wood floors, the second picture down is really my favorite of the bunch, the inset cabinet doors and textures of V-grove boards and subway tiles just speaks to me, but I am working with a client right now and we are using Carlisle Wide Board Floors in the finish they call White Wash – it looks just like the floors in the last image, taupey and beachy but still modern… I love it too.  Warms up the space, easier to keep clean, less maintenance… but it comes with a price tag.  Expect to pay close to $12.00 a square foot!

As always I hope you enjoy the imagery and are inspired to create beautiful rooms for family, your clients or yourself.  Have a great day.


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