Big Daddy’s Antiques

May 8, 2011


I know it’s a day late but were going to call this post May 7th.  Traveling usually allows me time to write a few posts in advance but this trip that has not been the case. I’m in California visiting for Mothers Day and most of my time has been spent  with her catching up and retracing the steps of my youth through Central Park and other local haunts.  I love coming back, the area is  so pretty and the shopping is pretty great too.  Today I took a few hours off from family time and went up to the city to catchup with my friend Anne.  She took me to a few of her new favorite places including Big Daddy Antiques…  WOW! I was blown away, I loved everything about it. The store was so well merchandised – you feel like your discovering all the cool stuff they have carefully selected and placed, the look is so fresh and current – industrial meets antique meets found meets custom handmade.  They seem to specialize in custom-made tables and casegoods but they have handmade furniture too and a beautiful selection of stock chairs,  and so many hand-picked antiques and oddities that  I can’t possibly list them all here.  Let’s just say I wanted everything in the store!

Ok, anyone in the business knows that’s half the battle.  To me how you feel and how you are treated in a store is almost as important as the merchandise in it… the people were SO nice it was ridiculous.  They all felt like instant friends, seriously…  I could have stayed there all day hanging out with them.  I think I even asked for a job at one point, lol (seriously).

The store has an industrial vibe but it’s layered with classic French pieces, American antiques, oddities and the occasional bird-cage… I love the sound morning doves make.  There is a magical romance and a tough edge to this think tank of home goods and the creative energy is so thick you could cut it with a knife.  If you are lucky enough to live anywhere near San Francisco, run don’t walk to BIG DADDY’S.  You’re welcome.



2 Responses to “Big Daddy’s Antiques”

  1. anne symon Says:

    Love the blog B! So glad you love my new favorite store as much as I do. I’ll share your blog post with them…run, don’t walk back home!
    Love you!!!

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