Experimental Ranch

May 4, 2011

LOOK.. it’s the house I featured in my Design With Soul Blog day before yesterday!

Designed by architect Cliff May as his personal residence, the Experimental Ranch House is located in the Sullivan Canyon area of Los Angeles. Completed in 1952, the house is a unique example of the evolution of Ranch House design.

The goal of the update was to reinstate the original open plan layout while preserving the integrity of May’s exposed wood beam and rafter structure. With its large ridge skylight, the great room acts as the focal point of the house, containing the main living space and kitchen. The interior space also features custom walnut cabinetry and polished concrete floors.  From what I understand Marmol Radziner was the team in charge of this masterful make-over.

Leo Marmol, FAIA and Ron Radziner, FAIA teamed up to establish Los Angeles-based design/build firm Marmol Radziner in 1989. They quickly garnered a reputation for their innovative design, understanding of construction, and rigorous attention to detail. Taking on the role of the traditional “master builder,” their practice has since expanded to include architects, interior and landscape designers, metal fabricators, carpenters, furniture and cabinet-makers, and construction crew, allowing them to holistically conceive and meticulously realize their designs. Their love for the process of building and the essence of materials has led to new forays into prefabricated buildings and jewelry. The firm’s unique practice and commitment to design excellence was rewarded with the American Institute of Architects California Council’s 2004 Firm of the Year Award.

For more information, please see their website at www.marmol-radziner.com


One Response to “Experimental Ranch”

  1. bill barr Says:

    … I should have called this post Ranch Dressing. Oh well.

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