Animal Desires

April 28, 2011

Would you believe this rug is needlepoint?  It’s so well done , I love it… Available from Dransfield and Ross this cruelty free rug looks good just about everywhere and doesn’t require an animal’s life is taken.  Zebra, Cow, Sheep, I am definitely a fan of the look but it’s so much easier to say yes to a wool version that is simply a nod to the “hide” look and not the real thing.  I’d pair this with a white  slip-covered sofa and some random antique chairs in browns and blacks.  Oh, and the coffee table from two days ago would look really really good… I like the idea of mixing old and new, modern and antique.  A Noguchi paper lantern hanging in the painted rafters (yes please) and old hotel silver in the kitchen drawer sounds good too!  Funny how I go from a rug to silverware, but decorating is all about following through with a look – without going overboard.  How would you design around this cool rug?

One Response to “Animal Desires”

  1. Abid Ilahi Says:

    Wow! What a great look! It is hard to believe this is a needlepoint rug. How well are the edges finished? With rounded and irregular shapes, it is difficult to make the edges come out neat in needlepoint.

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