Affordable Design

April 26, 2011

Billblog is all about things that are designed well.  Pedigree is nice but I for one am not a snob when it comes to where things are from.  Flea markets, Target, Design Center, custom-made, designer made… when it comes right down to it, it’s about the final object, not who, where or how much.  This little table might be a riff on a classic ( think Knoll, etc) but for $299.00 it offers a lot of design punch without the sting of a high price.  CB2 the modern sister store to Crate and Barrel has many great furniture options for those just starting out or those on a budget.  Now mind you, you typically get what you pay for.  Meaning you probably won’t be handing this table down to your kids, but well cared for this table will certainly live long enough to justify three hundred bucks.

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