My Other Dream Car

April 24, 2011

Devoted readers will know that my dream car is a vintage Mercedes coupe (2 door, 4 seater) convertible.  I gotta say this VW truck would make a great second car.  I mean you can fill it with plants and mulch, pack it for a weekend away, toss in a wet dog or two or buy enough bulk paper products to last a year!  This truck was probably produced in 1962 or 1963.  I love the design.  There has been a lot written about the history of the VW bus. A classic car since it conception in 1949 the Volkswagen bus has a loyal following that rivals many classic cars today. The original Volkswagen buses were designed as work vehicles and were a hit for new businesses staring up after WWII. As the market grew Volkswagen introduced a new line of more lavish buses the Type 2 offering a wide range of additional features, and then the variation began.  One of the most renowned modifications of the bus was the Volkswagen single cab and double cab pickup.

Volkswagen Double cab vw

With the addition of the Volkswagen single cab in 1952 Volkswagen introduced there first pick up version of the vw bus. The intended use for the VW single cab was for farm workers and construction companies. The unique fold down gates allowed the Volkswagen single cab to carry objects larger then itself and made the truck versatile in many situations.  Still appreciated today, these cars may not have the power of todays pick-ups and yeah parts would be harder to come by, but isn’t it cute?


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