FINN jewelry

April 22, 2011

Soraya Silchensted and Candice Pool are the masterminds behind Finn jewelry in New York city.  Their line of delicate fine jewelry is designed by Soraya and  Candice manages the business end of things.  I found them by stumbling across a picture of their love knot ring (yeah, I’d wear one… with or without diamonds) and loved it from the moment I saw it.  I believe they have open for more than 6 years now and over that time period Finn has grown to attract an A-list crowd of admirers including Brad Pitt, Sarah Jessica Parker, Robert Pattinson, Gretchen Mol and Gisele Bundchen and the line is stocked at Barney’s!  So you know they are in the big league now.  New York based clients can also shop Finn by appointment at the company’s beautifully decorated NoHo showroom. For more than 3 years Finn has occupied this stylish space which, like their jewelry, has its own flair and is chic, feminine and timeless.

mirror-460.jpg Here’s a peek of the (beautiful) showroom in New York City.


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