Deborah Sears – for Isis Ceramics

April 20, 2011

From Oxford, where the Thames is known as the Isis, the art of tin glazed ceramics continues to grow.  From 1568 when the first tin glazed wears replaced wooden trenchers and pewter plates, English Delftware (as it came to be called) brought a fresh lively decorative quality to the table. Sadly, the essential element of hand painting was lost as mass production methods took over in the 19th century.

Deborah Sears, painter, designer and owner of Isis, has collected 17th century English Delftware for many years. From this enthusiasm rose Isis Ceramics, and a range of patterns and shapes which evoke the spirit of 17th and 18th century England.

Since 1988 Deborah has been creating and painting her own collection of tin glaze patterns. The design and painting of an Isis piece wraps the form and gives the viewer a seamless path of turns and possibilities.  Over the years Deborah has developed a studio of artists whose high level of craftsmanship is dedicated to the pursuit of hand-produced and hand-painted designs, expressing the spontaneity and character of the human spirit.  The variety of forms and functions, and the individual painting of Isis Ceramics enables everyone to create a collection that expresses their own unique sense of wit, taste and design.

Her Signature Lighting Collection comprises eight types of lamp covering a variety of functions, from brightening small alcoves to large living spaces. Whatever the size, they make a significant contribution to the character and beauty of a room.

Candlestick, Large Jar, Teacaddy, Grace, Wigstand, Baluster, Beaker, and Chimney Vase are the shapes of this collection. These shapes are available in any signature pattern and in any signature colour with any shade combination… truly custom.

To learn more or to order:

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