Michaela Scherrer

April 15, 2011

Michaela is influenced by the convergence of fashion and design, clean Japanese lines, the creation of harmonious spaces, and the relationships each detail brings forth. Michaela has taken design to an art form; blending old with new, simple with complex, incorporating materials in stunningly unexpected ways. Over the years, she has expanded her vision with her unconventional processes. Inspired by seeing a need for tranquility, Michaela’s design philosophy has been formed by the desire to create a synergy between the space and the people who reside within, resulting in a space that reflects the feeling that comes from within her own inner understanding of refinement, design, beauty and symmetry.

Michaela’s vision is to help balance the two distinct worlds we live in, our ever-increasing life of technological complexity, and our natural or more organic state… a place that many of us need to get back to.  She merges these two worlds, creating a more natural, simplistic environment, that works for todays busy lifestyle.

Michaela’s Zen-chic work has been featured in publications including: Metropolitan HomeLos Angeles Times MagazineSunsetBetter Homes and Gardens and more than one books. In addition to all of that , her work has also been featured on both Discovery and HGTV.

* Information and images found on remodelista.com

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