My Kind of Beach House

April 14, 2011

I’m off to Nantucket tomorrow to install a small guest house on the property I designed last fall for a client, It’s a beautiful house traditional and wood-framed. As my readers know I will be happy with a tiny little house near the sea when I’m done decorating and caring for my turn of the century Colonial Revival manse but I sure do love a poured concrete modern structure like the one pictured above.This house in Pacific Palisades is so beautiful. I love it on the edge of a craggy rock cliff, overlooking a powerful ocean and the only things that would make it better are a huge fire in the fireplace and me cozy on a down-filled linen sofa, windows open and maybe a cashmere blanket near by.

I love imagining how I’d furnish a house like this for myself or a client…This dinnerware is the type of thing I’d fill the cupboards with, I love the vibe of the poured concrete walls and the handmade clay dishes, bowls and cups seem to suit the heaviness of the walls. Drift wood center pieces, sheer linen drapes and maybe a leather Eames chair. Can’t you just see it?

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