April 12, 2011


Designer Farah Ebrahimi created the CP03 KAVIR carpet by taking a tradition centuries old and adding a modern twist of color.  Available in 10 shades the distinct colors of the Kavir rug collection are contemporary and a refreshing reinterpretation of the traditional knotted Persian carpet. The fringe detail is a design element and it reveals the hand-woven framework of the carpet. According to e15 the CP03 KAVIR is available in the ‘perfect’ shade of taupe with mustard coloured fringe, ‘French salon’ a shade of pale mint contrasted with turquoise blue fringe, hunter green is accented with espresso brown, calm ocean blue joins an emerald green fringe, antique pink is accented with coral red fringe, zinc yellow joins a fawn brown fringe, sapphire blue is contrasted with a violet fringe along with three available shades of light to dark grey finished with charcoal coloured fringe.  Just look at the beautiful color combinations, I’m dying for one in pink and one in blue!

Made with naturally dyed wool yarns with a high density of 80 knots per square inch, CP03 KAVIR is produced in a socially and environmentally responsible manner by a family-owned business in Nepal without the involvement of child labor.

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