Michele Bonan

April 11, 2011

World-renowned architect and interior designer, Michele Bonan created these beautiful rooms for the The Heidelberg Suites. He is also responsible for the exqusitly appointed JK Place Firenze in Florence and the JK Place Capri.  Michele Bonan was inspired by the history of Heidelberg when creating the hotel and focused on a vision of “German Romanticism meets Italian Architecture. Bonan emphasizes this through his choice of colour and the interior design. According to the architect, an ideal synthesis has been composed of ‘Heidelberg’s historicism’, ‘Florentine elegance’ and ‘refreshing naturalness'”.

If you ask me, I’d say talent is apparent in every custom detail that make up the hotel of suites.  Rugs, furniture everything was made for the hotel, and apparently you can even buy some of the furnishings if you are so inclined.  Love the european mix of traditional and modern shapes, luxe fabrics and oversized accessories.  I’ve never wanted to go before but I’m thinking I’d love to spend the night in Hiedelberg some day, just sayin.


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