White Out

April 2, 2011

As an homage to the newly fallen snow outside (ugh) todays post is all about white spaces.  There are many reasons why I like a space void of color, its relaxing and easy to be in first and foremost.  It is also a timeless look, white on white… No trendy colors to grow tired of, nothing to fade out and look old.  These neutral rooms also allow the eye to see shade and form so furniture becomes sculptural and darker accents ( wood, metal, etc ) really stand out.  And, the white room is really seasonless ( I made that word up).  Add a cozy blanket when there is snow on the ground or open the windows and let a breeze move the sheer drapes on a hot summer night, you can’t go wrong with neutral.

No razzmataz, no unnecessary bells and whistles… just beautiful fabrics, shapes, accents and details all in white – or cream or tan even.  A neutral room can be as casual or dressy as you want it to be.  Last word: Don’t stress about your “whites” all matching.  you can mix bright white, off white, cream, ivory and beige and still get the look.


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