Michael Taylor at BLVD

April 1, 2011

My post on Michael Taylor a while back was prompted by the discovery of these great chairs.  This available set of ( 2 arm, 4 side ) original Michael Taylor Chairs stopped me in my tracks at BLVD in Palm Springs.  Perfect in many different environments these pretty chairs would look great pulled around a stained dining table or mixed with a banquette in a sun room or kitchen.  I see wallpaper with them or a darkish wall color to really make these geometric chairs a focal point in the room.  Of course chintz and bright splashy colors would pair well but so would beige, cream and white with gold accents.  There are really 100’s of things you could do with these chairs… if there had been 8 or 10 I would own them, alas there are only 6.

The pedigree of these chairs alone makes them a solid investment, but the look of them would keep you from realizing their resale value.  The original cushions are available with the set. Contact BLVD for information.


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