Hudson (Fine) Furniture

March 30, 2011

Hudson is synonymous with high-end glamorous furniture and accessories. Now that doesn’t mean that everything they do is shiny, gilded and polished, because they do glamor in an earthy and organic way (as well as the gilded , shiny, polished way). What they don’t do is average and they don’t do cheap either…  what they do do is fabulous.  Take this sofa for instance….  It’s low weighty boxiness makes it perfect for a big space, a place where volume may be an issue.  This sofa would anchor an area and be a good visually as well as a comfy perch.   It has strong clean lines and would be perfectly suited for one (or two or three) of these beautiful occasional tables.  

But then…thats why Hudson sells them .  Yep, all three styles are from Hudson Furniture and I love em all.   A loft or industrial setting would be a obivous choice for the sofa but it would be right at home in a ranch house, mid-century masterpiece or ski lodge.  the trick to using this sofa and having it “work” is to make sure the scale is right for the space.  these tables on the other hand could slip in just about anywhere and look good doing it, I mean really… arn’t they sexy?


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