I’m Working On It

March 27, 2011

I stayed up until 2AM last night drawing.  Not because I had to… no deadline, no frantic client needing decisions yesterday because the contractor “had to start” (or lose him to another client ).  Nope,  I was just having fun sketching  design ideas for new clients. Out of my head and on to paper is a good thing… before my 44-year-old mind loses track of them.  I know I’m not the best illustrator, but sometimes all it takes is a conceptual image, vague or even half-drawn images to get an idea across.  So the above sketches are some of what I was working on.  A built-in bookcase that will “wrap” around a sofa with wall mounted swing arm lights in the new alcove.  Designed for the largest livingroom wall that faces the diningroom at the opposite end of the long space because the husband wanted a wall of books, the wife more seating for cocktail parties and family events.   This option gives them both what they want and creates a vignette I feel will look thought out, complete and pretty.  I’m thinking grass cloth backed bookcases and map lights highlighting their collection of old books would finish the look.  Pull out trays above the closed door base cabinets will allow for coasters, reading glasses or a pretty orchid and eliminate the need to create the built-ins and buy end tables.

Window treatments are also being discussed, even though we haven’t even decided on floor plans for the house.  This is a remodel, and I think the couple is still seeing the house as it once was.  I need to work on getting them to see the house they have been in for many years as a new space that doesn’t have to go back exactly as it was.  I like the idea of shutters in the family room as it is on the front of the house (I don’t know about you but the blue glare from a television on at night is not the prettiest look)   so I want to be able to “shut down” that room in the evening… and panels on the french doors off the formal livingroom.  The vertical line of drapery panels always lends a vertical line to traditional height rooms.

Here is a sampling of furniture I’m thinking about using…


2 Responses to “I’m Working On It”

  1. Taunnie Says:

    Your design is inspired. I love the idea of the wrap around sofa. I am swooning over the first sofa pictured, but all the pieces are beautiful. What very lucky clients.

  2. bill barr Says:

    Thank you for the compliment and thank you for reading : )

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