Say It Isn’t So

March 23, 2011

Is this goodbye? Maine Cottage furniture seems to have been the most recent victim of the fragile economy. Since 1988 the folks at Maine Cottage have been producing clean lined and sweetly colored furniture. Known best for the wide range of colors available the furniture was well crafted, the product was American made and the folks behind the business were nice. It makes me sad to think about the staff of Maine Cottage at the front lines in the retail stores, the back office and customer service people and those who supplied and built the furniture. Many many lives have been affected by the sudden closure of the stores, corporate offices and factory, I wish them all the best.

One Response to “Say It Isn’t So”

  1. Martha’s Vineyard Furniture Company offers furniture with a similar aesthetic to Maine Cottage. Our furniture is inspired by this beautiful island we call home.
    I started this company in 2007 and as a business owner I have sympathy for Peter Bass and his employees….but I also feel for the customers who have lost money on unfulfilled orders.
    Should any of your readers be one of these customers, please check out our blog and as we would like to extend an offer to you…….

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