White Kitchens

March 22, 2011

White kitchens make me happy.  Rustic, modern, old world, zen… It doesn’t matter just give it to me White and I’m happy.  It’d classic, timeless, clean and fresh, what more could you want from a kitchen?  This beauty was designed by Splyce Architects & Design group.  Splyce is a design studio in Vancouver BC  that produces modern projects ranging in size, scope and budget from new homes and renovations to custom furniture and landscapes. An underlying interest in all scales of work is how thoughtfully designed objects and spaces have the ability to inspire, engage our senses, and ultimately influence our quality of life. The experiential qualities of a space, and how things feel both physically and aesthetically, are carefully considered throughout the design stage at Splyce. The result is highly articulated designs that exude warmth and comfort while maintaining a distinctly modern sensibility.  And, it shows.  I mean could you live with this? I know I could.  I have one question…

Where is the refrigerator?  ok two questions… Why is it that the refrigerator is always hidden from view in beautiful modern kitchens?




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