Got Wood?

March 20, 2011

I’m Crazy for wood right now loving it and oddly enough have several clients shopping wood for floors, cabinetry, and other mill work.  Rustic, warm, masculine, rich, durable… the positives to incorporating wood into a design scheme are endless but those are some of the main reasons I like wood.  It warms a modern or minimal interior, it ages gracefully and adds visual interest with adding pattern.  There is a soul to wood that has visual depth like no other material; some natural stones possess a similar quality but they lack the warm to the touch softness of wood.  I like wood floors in an all white space, I like wooden ceilings for a strong, masculine aesthetic and I like wooden walls to really create a space with character and presence.

Restoration Timber provides reclaimed wood with an unmatched beauty.  They warehouse an inventory of gorgeous recovered woods that have aged naturally for a century or more. They come from sources like old barns, abandoned schools and mills, warehouses and factories that fell into disrepair.  Naturally weathered by a century or more of use, their woods are rich in grain, beautiful in color, and rock solid with age. As first or second growth timber, now unavailable for environmental reasons, Restoration Timber wood provides a strength, stability, integrity and beauty unavailable in fast-grown new wood.

Another favorite source of quality wood floors is Carlisle Floors, the leader in wide plank floors.  With Carlisle Wide Plank Floors the end product is more than just a floor. It’s a true representation of traditional folk art, lovingly crafted and destined to become a treasured family heirloom. They take a personal interest in each of our customer’s lifestyles, the type of home they live in, and the kind of look they have in mind. Every floor I have ever had installed using Carlisle wood has been beautiful.  Their customized options are limitless and the quality is top notch.


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