March 19, 2011

If  you love a day at the beach, but not the wind that can keep you from relaxing or enjoying your time there these strong and hard wearing windbreaks will provide shelter for many years. Beyond their obivous good looks ( love the stripes!) the pole tops are reinforced with a galvanised ring and there is a galvanised spike on the bottom.

South Sea Deck Chairs reputation is built upon the strength and durability of their products. For nearly two decades they have managed and maintained the deckchairs on Southsea seafront. This has provided them with an unrivalled opportunity for life-cycle testing and materials comparison within the real target environment.  Exposed to the sun, sea, sand and rain, day in, day out, stacked and unstacked, sat upon, stood upon and floated out to sea, their deck chairs and windbreaks successfully withstand the elements and the use, and abuse, by the public for many years.

At $190 plus shipping I think they are a value.  To order check them out on line.  Corporate branding can be applied for use in hotels, restaurants, surf shops, exhibitions and trade shows.  Pretty Great huh?


2 Responses to “www.deckchairs.co.uk”

  1. Hi Bill the lovely picture of the pink, green and orange striped windbreak was from Deckchairstripes.com not South Sea Deckchairs
    we have sold out as this was 2011 but have many more on our rebranded website http://www.thestripescompany.com
    I found you because I am going thru our images to see if I can get links changed due to our rebranding and I came across your article

    Many thanks Sally

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