March 11, 2011

I’m on the road today ( so early that I didn’t even have time to open my laptop ) shopping for tile and hardwood for a client. I enjoy my days on the road, hitting the showrooms, my local resources and of course the antique stores! Today is one of those days but it’s all about flooring and yes, yesterdays post was inspired by the same client… The last few days have been all about hardwood and tile for me. The trick with this client is they like a contemporary look, but their home is traditional architecture… So im shopping for a wood with minimal movement – probably maple or quarter sawn white oak, with a deep stain like warm walnut because I want the floors to be sleek and modern but still house appropriate. Another consideration is board width. I’m sure when the house was built in the 1920’s the wood floor were 2 or 3 inch boards. The wider the board, the more expensive the wood typically, and wide boards can cup in unstable environments. With that in mind I don’t think I’ll show them anything wider than 5 inches and we will probably settle on 4 or 41/2 inch stock.

Title for the foyer turned out to be easy. We have chosen a 12 x 24 limestone tile, beautiful. The plan is to use a running bond pattern ( like stacked bricks ) and have the pattern bleed into the powder room with no threshold or line of demarcation at the doorway.

Truth be told I have been writing this post all day between shopping, meetings and more shopping. Twice to the same tile source and to a kitchen showroom. Phew, it was a lot but a very productive day and happy clients make a happy decorator… And I’m happy.

BTW: posted 100% from WordPress Application from iPhone… pretty cool.


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