End Grain Wood Block Flooring

March 10, 2011

I have been in the industry for a long time and I’ve seen many great products take over the market place and become a phenomenon in the design world. My good friends in California – who have this type of floor – already know this but the momentum is growing and End Grain flooring is about to dominate the design world.  I have seen this type of flooring before ( J.Crew NYC) but until I saw it installed at my friend’s house I hadn’t realized how unique and beautiful this type of floor could be.  End Grain wood floors make a visual impression and provide lasting durability that is ideal for any high traffic areas such as kitchens, game rooms, and foyers.

Examples of end grain wood floors can be found around the world – in European palaces and cathedrals, Caribbean plazas, and in American hotel lobbies, schools, and museums. Since the 1800’s, factories throughout the world have used end grain construction for the superior hardness and wear resistance gained from end grain exposure. Todays end grain floors offer the same durability as those centuries-old floors.  And, these floors can be refinished throughout their thickness, unlike conventional flooring that has typically less than 25% of its depth as useable wear surface.

If your interested in acquiring an end grain floor for your home and if you live in Massachusetts or Rhode Island or Connecticut Kaswell Flooring Systems is right here in Framingham MA.  They have been supplying and installing this type of floor for 60 years, so you know they know what they are doing.  Their web site is informative, and there are many great images to help you decide what look you might want and there is interesting stuff about he history of end grain floors that is not to be missed.


5 Responses to “End Grain Wood Block Flooring”

  1. Nice article about End Grain…..the last image is a job we did for Direct TV in Washington DC. Hopee. you’ve seen our site. Where did the square block images come from? Nice images. Norm Kaswell

    • bill barr Says:

      Thanks for reading Billblog. Great to know you travel further than the 3 states I mentioned in my post! Readers will be happy to know you might be willing to travel farther for a job. I reread my post and was remiss that I hadn’t given you credit for the images or added a link to your interesting (and informative) web page… So I have gone back and added a link so my readers know where to find you.

      I am currently working with a very good client on new construction and I’m hoping they are going to like the samples of your product I’m showing them.

  2. Good to communicate with you and thanks for your kind comments about our site. Soon we will be introducing 11 new species of End Grain wood, and outdoor concrete pavers with end grain texture. Always looking for new things.

    Norm Kaswell

  3. Norm Kaswell Says:

    Dear Bill:

    I would enjoy speaking with you if you would call….

    Thanks, Norm Kaswell

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