Garage Sale

March 7, 2011

I added a category called Garage Sale thinking I would broker the sales of items I source that readers might be interested in buying.  But I don’t think I want to get into internet sales, shipping and so on… So instead I’m going to use the Garage Sale category to post items that you might buy directly from a resource I introduce to you.  First up: BLVD in Palm Springs.  Wow what a great resource for things modern, mid-century or just interesting.  The folks there have a great eye and I went crazy for many of their pieces including these lamps.

Now I appreciate that no everyone wants a mid-century inspired home, BUT… the thing is a little bit of vintage modern can slip into many different styles of home decor.  Weather your look is white slip covers and sisal, antique wood bookcases and black lacquer accents, Floral on top of floral or industrial chic, this lamp works.  Even the most traditional room would benefit from the clean lines, gently burnished brass finish and warm textural shade.  There are of pair of these lamps available believe it or not – pairs of vintage anything are hard to come by.

If you love them ( as much as I do ) click over to BLVD and buy them.

When minimalism and eclecticism blend with modern and traditional references…
When inspiration ranges from the old and primitive to the new and modern…
When a collection is selected with great attention to subtle detail and proportion…
You manifest distinct and timeless designs.



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