Art In Unexpected Places

March 4, 2011

Just a pretty picture today… I’m back in the air headed to the California Bay Area for a few more days so I’m dropping in a simple inspirational picture for today’s blog.  I’ll be sure to find something interesting on my trip to share on BillBlog so check back tomorrow y’all.

Creativity, in unexpected places… I like it, The juxtaposition of the modern stair treatment surrounded by old beautifully detailed buildings is just so cool.  This picture makes me happy and I’m sure passers-by and the folks that use these stairs enjoy the lift in spirit the bright corridor possesses.  I want to try this in a summer-house, painting just the risers a sweet mix of happy bright colors.  I wonder if this installation isn’t really a advertisement of some sort for a local paint manufacturer, whatever the reason, the staircase is transformed and I love it.

One Response to “Art In Unexpected Places”

  1. Hello Bill, our mutual friend Mark Lewis suggested your blog. Fun post, fun name. Hope your day is going wonderfully. Shiree’

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