March 2, 2011

Orange is still the color of choice for a chic accent in home decor.  Sure since Orange resurfaced a year or two ago pinks and purple have really come into fashion for the home but orange isn’t going anywhere.  Happy alongside its neighbors on the color wheel, orange, yellow and red – tangerine, curry and fuchsia in designer speak – make a tonal trio that looks great mixed together.  I like a strong color balanced with a lot of white or neutral in the space.  Go for the larger pieces in your space maintaining neutrality and add the color in small doses, you can always add more color if you think you need it.   A front door is a good example of how a little bit goes a long way.  Too much color and it becomes primary, not an accent… and were looking for accent here.

If you’re a color lover or a fan of “more-is-more”, go ahead and paint a wall orange but stick with the light neutral to give balance on the remaining walls… a rest for the eyes.  The good news is that with a strong wall of color you can mix in stronger patterns – maybe an orange and white geometric – and a bit more color than if you keep your walls neutral or light.  Simple rooms with minimal detail benefit from accent walls, they help create a more dynamic space and create visual energy.  Before you choose an accent color think how it may change how you see adjoining rooms or the rest of your home.  It’s always a good rule of thumb that colors weave through a space, a hint of an accent color can remind us of a previous room or connect the spaces by adding a bit to a room that is otherwise devoid of that color.

* I recommend not spending over budget on anything that feels risky color-wise, you may decide to change your accents out over time and you’ll want to recycle pieces by changing their color… but you can always just paint something white and have it look good.  Proceed with (some) caution.




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