Not Your Grandmothers Wicker

March 1, 2011

Wicker doesn’t have to be a dirty word in decorating. No longer is it only available in scrolly victorian motifs or sweet childlike colors.  Modernism celebrates the warmth that wicker brings to a spare environment and manufactures are listening by offering clean lined, unadorned pieces for todays living in natural colors that suit todays palettes.   Add a print if you must, but I like the idea of keeping it simple because the wicker already adds a lot of detail.

The set above is a vintage ( probably 70’s or 80’s ) used my the late great Michael Taylor… yes I’m a bit obsessed lately, But this set from Oly Studios called the Walt Chair and Sofa really gives the same vibe.  Add a few “beach ball” styled pillows and create your own Tayor-esque retreat.

*If your thinking about some wicker here is a word of advice.  Don’t choose a fabric with too much texture because the wicker already has a great deal of movement in its weave and you want to set that off with a smoother fabric on the cushions.    A chenille would be OK but keep it simple!



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