Travel Day

February 23, 2011

Today is a travel day for me, I’m off to Palm Springs. And let me tell you… I have mastered the no belt, ID in front pocket, ziplock bag of toiletries protocol necessary to navigate today’s airports. I usually zip through security and really don’t mind the full body scan, let them look. How could I care? I’m on vacation!

How could I possibly bring this blog to a design based topic you ask? What could I possibly write about from the airport… Well I have the best excuse ever to sit all day a catch up on my shelter magazines. Truth is I could surf the internet all day everyday but I’m flying and I’m not flying Virgin America so at some point I’ll loose wifi on my iPhone. No problem… Note pad, sticky notes and pen in hand I gladly dive into some of my favorite magazines. Traditional home is defenately top 5 for me, sure it can sometimes get a bit goopy but they present beautiful homes and interesting merchandise month after month.  Details and rich full rooms are their hallmarks.  Elle Decor is a top 3 because it is so current and most of the projects they present typically have an edge to them. A bit of the unexpected or something quriky.  I can always find inspiration and good ideas (worth borrowing) in Elle Decor. For a slightly more western perspective I like checking California Magazine, it’s good to stay in touch with the coast that celebrates beautiful influences like the Pacific Rim. Good imports are available out there at very reasonable prices and you see the influence in many design projects.  I’m rounding out today’s “reading” with Living. Always great to find a new recipe or organizational technique, thanks Martha!  ooops… They are closing the plane doors, so I’d better leave it at that.

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