Lo Bjurulf

February 22, 2011

Call her an interior stylist, prop-stylist or set designer, I’m going to call her an aesthetic genius. Swedish stylist Lo Bjurulf does all of those to perfection and she does it with a Scandinavian style. She has been employed by furniture giant Ikea, and made their inexpensive merchandise look like a million bucks! Often featured in Elle Interiör, she has also styled catalogs for HM Home, Ikea and other Swedish brands. I am loving these colorful shots she styled. These images make me want to go bold with color somewhere in my own home and they make waiting for spring that much more difficult… I thought spring had arrived last week but woke up to snow yesterday…until spring really gets here I guess I have these images to tide me over.

Funny I pulled this post together and was suddenly reminded of a picture my niece took on a recent trip to Kenya. I had copied it from her Facebook wall (hope you don’t mind Helen) and had every intention of posting it one day when a beautiful picture was all I wanted to blog about, and I guess that day has arrived but I love the colors in her image juxtaposed with the images styled by Lo. Art imitating life? Life imitating art?

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