While were on the subject…

February 20, 2011

If you want tiny…try a trailer and enjoy the outdoors in style, the  Eddie Bauer Airstream which combines two respected names into one small package. This stylish trailer can hold you, all your toys and even a dog or two.

The Eddie Bauer Airstream is a 25-foot trailer with the classic Airstream styling and costs $74,000. It has a queen-size bed with an Eddie Bauer Goose Down duvet, pillows, and throw, maple and soapstone laminates, quilted fabrics, and stain-resistant Sunbrella upholstery on the interior, an oversized hatch for loading and unloading gear like bikes and kayaks, and a generous side awning. The panoramic windows and the hatch let in the outdoors and fresh air.

Other features include:

  • A non-slip Aquatrac” bumper perch to assist with loading/unloading
  • Fold-away modular dinette/lounge furnishings to increase storage capacity (71 sq. ft. total)
  • Perimeter interior-tie downs to secure stored items
  • Premium Michelin” tires and 16″ wheels to provide greater ground clearance
  • Rugged wheel-well cladding for protection against off-road debris
  • A retractable clothesline in the bath and additional racks in the bedroom for hanging wet clothing
  • A handheld outdoor shower for showering, hosing down equipment, or even washing the dog
  • Heavy-duty exterior hooks for locking-up equipment or tying up the dog

Borrowed Blog: http://tinyhouseblog.com/travel-trailers/eddie-bauer-airstream/#more-16903

Photos courtesy of Airsteam


2 Responses to “While were on the subject…”

  1. Carol Says:

    LOVE it! There’s a 1956 Avion (Airstream lookalike) in Berkley, Mass. that can be carted away and rehabbed. I never had the land for it, tho’…

  2. bill barr Says:

    Thank you Carol, it sounds tempting…

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