tiny little house

February 19, 2011

Ok not the tiniest, but still small and respectful of living green.  FabCab designs and sells pre-fabricated and kit-built environmentally friendly homes and accessory dwelling units (ADUs).  Isn’t it a beauty?

They strive to lead the market in specializing design for all ages that is environmentally sustainable by providing clients eco-friendly and universally designed cabins that support healthy lifestyles.  The possibilities of their usage is endless: a home, guest house, home office, writer’s or artist’s studio, caregiver’s residence, in-law apartment, rental unit or a cabin on a vacation property.

I think I could work with the amount that this model provides and visual from the exterior.  If I had to choose between buying on older funky little house or one of these slick eco-friendly homes the decision would be tough.  I  like both, here are a few more good little houses that are a tiny bit traditional… I love little houses.


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