Shopping for Florida

February 18, 2011

Well I can say I have been to Florida. The one day trip was fun, weather could have been better but I appreciated not having to wear a parka or gloves. I spent the day with my client measuring rooms, working through fabric samples and trolling the local stores and showrooms. The verdict: I like Florida. I like the warm weather. I like the tropical plant life and interesting birds that populate the southern state and I LOVE the Mediterranean influenced architecture (Moorish, Spanish, and many other great styles meshed together). When I was working in California many of the homes I worked on had the same details as the homes in West Palm beach and the surrounding areas. Heavy Beams, stuccoed facades, tile roofs, thick walls and charming details that include inner courtyards, fountains and arches.

So, getting to the furniture… The task at hand is to furnish the living room, family room and dining room. It is great when you are given the chance to furnish several rooms (or an entire house) at once because you can create a cohesive environment without having to acquiesce to any existing furnishings. I am loving the this two-tiered sofa table from Hickory Chair. The design translates the poise and character of an antique stand into a larger console, perfect for todays living. Its top edge and legs feature carved details well-suited for style of the home without being to heavy or clunky – after all we are not trying to create a Mediterranean Museum. Hickory Chair offers many decorative hand striped finishes that I may employ to bring up subtle gold details in the room. The upholstery will remain mostly neutral so case-goods will become sculptural and the their shapes and scale are very important.


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