Palm Springs

February 17, 2011

In celebration of Modernism Week in Palm Springs and my plans to be there shortly to catch up with old (and I mean OLD) friends and to enjoy the events of the week, todays post is all about Palm Springs.  Palm Springs has attracted its share of design eccentrics and mavericks who have left an architectural legacy that remains unsurpassed for its originality and international influence. The book Palm Springs Modern examines the impact that architects and designers have had on the desert oasis, primarily from the 1940s to the 1960s, when they created one of the most important concentrations of modernist architecture in the world.  Get it if you don’t have it.

Palm Springs came into its own architecturally after the war when it became a haven for such modernists as Richard Neutra, who was already practicing the International Style in Los Angeles. Many other distinguished architects have left distinctive marks in the desert: Albert Frey, John Lautner, E. Stewart Williams, William Cody, John Porter Clark, and Craig Ellwood. Palm Springs Modern features examples of mid-century modernism at its most glamorous, some of them the residences of prominent figures who commissioned weekend getaways in the desert including Frank Sinatra, Walter Annenberg, and Raymond Loewy. Adèle Cygelman’s insightful text, a foreword by architectural historian Joseph Rosa, contemporary color photography by David Glomb, and the celebrated archival black-and-white work of Julius Shulman all capture the distinctly modern allure of America’s famed desert playground.

For information about Modernism Week click here.


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  1. Jeff Says:

    OLD…..I’ll show you old…

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