Animal instinct II

February 16, 2011

I’m feeling the trend of animal prints coming back into vogue ( no, it never really left ) I seem to be seeing it more and more lately. Just recently a client asked about a floor cloth for a hight traffic foyer that doubles as her diningroom and my thoughts on an animal motif. I loved the idea and it’s in the works! …and we are lucky enough to have the talented Kathrine Lovell creating it for us. I am personally drawn to the aesthetic of a good zebra or leopard pattern so that may cause my eye to zero in on it, but the truth is an animal pattern fits in just about everywhere – it just depends on how you use it – any they are popping up just about everywhere.

The image above is actually a wallpaper! wow, crazy right? Yeah a little bit of this would go a long way, but used on a room screen, an accent wall or to back a bookcase… fabulous! Created by Paper Mills in Brooklyn, NY this wallpaper is one of many animal pattens they create by hand. check out the rest here: But be careful because there is truth to the old adage “too much of a good thing” but then again… More is MORE!

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