a well designed good idea

February 12, 2011

Let’s be honest. How many better ways are there to deliver a message than inside of chocolate?

Ticket Kitchen can create a Personalized Hot Chocolate Silverplate Spoon for you.  They start with a one-of-a-kind vintage silverplate teaspoon and hand stamped with a message of your choice. Finally, they set the spoon in a 1.5-oz block of their signature tempered chocolate, and wrap it up pretty to send it your way.

When you (or the recipient of said spoon) is ready to sip, simply stir the spoon into a cup of 6-8 oz of steaming milk.  Their signature hot chocolate will melt into your cup and the message will be revealed.

Generally allow 3–4 weeks for delivery. Chocolate will last on your shelf for up to 10 months.  They email you to ask about the message you’d like stamped on your spoon. Specify any message that is 22 characters or less, such as Te Adoro, or Marry Me!  Check them out at www.theticketkitchen.com

*Mugs pictured not included. Patterns on vintage silverplate spoons will vary.
**For questions regarding ingredients: Ingredient FAQ.


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