I’m Working on It

February 8, 2011

Someone’s getting new drapes!  And I could not be more pleased with the results.  This room has been a long slow process but the day we hung the drapes I felt as though we had turned a corner.  The rug came from Surroundings and I ordered the sofa and chairs from Hickory Chair.  We debated whether or not to reupholster the clients two ornate, exposed frame chairs or not and eventually decided to replace them with the streamlined chairs seen in the images.  The client loves the updated feeling the chairs and curtain fabric give the room.  The pattern is called Riad, and is produced by Kravet.  If I’m remembering correctly, it’s printed on linen.  I mixed a medium stain and black for a custom look on the drapery hardware… the black accents pull the black of the piano and details on a side table.  Clean Traditional would be a good label for this look.  Now the room just needs some finishing touches… maybe etagere in the corner and a small side table between the chairs.  And if she’ll let me, I’d like to have small lumbar pillows made for the chairs in a light creamy fabric with a small geometric woven pattern.


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