The Perfect Bag

February 4, 2011

Leave it to the hipsters over at Lonnymag(azine) to figure out that for a mere $28.00 – add a monogram for $6.00 more – you can get a water repellant, well made carry all tote. That’s right this cool bag, appropriate for gym, beach or stuffed full of fabric swaches is always the perfect bag!

I’m mad for a high quality leather bag, and sometimes a designer logo bag just feels right, but if you want a no fuss no muss bag that you’ll never have to worry about L.L.Bean is the tote of choice. I have 3 of their regular canvas totes, they are typically used for beach, firewood and work but right now one has paint supplies in it… I’m telling you they really are the perfect bag. Light weight and flexible they fold up well, machine washable (the canvas style anyway) and available with different colored straps and monograming?!? Come on what else do you need from a bag?

  • Made in Maine for 64 years and tested to hold over 500 pounds
  • Made using heavy-duty 24 oz. cotton canvas combined with our signature double-layer base and handles
  • Reinforced flat canvas bottom and overlapped seams double-stitched with nylon won’t rot or break

Aegean Blue, color 1 of 11Bittersweet, color 2 of 11Black, color 3 of 11Blue, color 4 of 11Cool Green, color 5 of 11Dark Fern, color 6 of 11Dark Green, color 7 of 11Pink Berry, color 8 of 11Red, color 9 of 11Regatta Blue, color 10 of 11Sunrise, color 11 of 11



One Response to “The Perfect Bag”

  1. Jeff Says:

    Didn’t you get one of those bags for Dash? Oh I’m sorry, that was us. XOXO

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