On The Park

February 2, 2011

‘On the park’ goes along with ‘waterfront’ and other highly desirable adjectives when it comes to real-estate. On a recent walk through New York City ( one of my last as an official resident I might add) I found myself fascinated by so many beautiful buildings. As I began snapping pictures it dawned on me that because parks are so desirable the buildings that surround them are often better designed and built, prettier and better kept.   And the scarcity of said property ensures new buildings are exceptional, like the one above. Now of course this is common sense right? I knew all of this to be true before this peticular night but it was the beauty of the buildings and the architecture, lighting and special effects that got me… The city was really “showing off” that night. Just look as these…


2 Responses to “On The Park”

  1. carol Says:

    Lovely photos of winter NYC

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