Just In Time

February 1, 2011

I have been feeling a bit restless, stuck in the cold weather ( loving the pretty snow ) but over the cold.  Just my luck a favorite client has invited my to Florida to help pull together her house down there.  She bought it furnished but we’re going to freshen the upholstered pieces and really make it a house she and her family will be comfortable in.  I am so happy to have been asked and a pop-down to the east coast of the state, just north of West Palm to help out… sounds perfect!  I am looking forward to pulling fabrics, shopping for great accessories and I’m looking forward to packing for a day or two in the warmth and sunshine… I might even pack a swim suit!  Speaking of swimsuits, this warm-weather trip will be the perfect thing to help jump-start my summer diet, yeah it’s coming up… faster than you think.  Now is the time to hit the gym and ease up on the comfort food y’all.

…but I suppose you want to hear more about the house and less about diets.  I know it’s on a water way and that the house is stucco clad with a tile roof so I’m expecting an upscale mediterranean vibe.  The one piece I can tell you that we are using is a beautiful rug from Asmara.  I believe it is called Flowing Coral.  I love the way the boldness of this rug will stand up to the intense sun that can rob colors of their power.  My plan is soft light solids for the upholstery to allow the rug to be the energy in the room; pale buttery yellows and creams would be great, maybe with a few orange linen pillows…. stay tuned to find out.


2 Responses to “Just In Time”

  1. Abid Ilahi Says:

    Hi Bill:

    I am so glad I discovered your blog today. It is great that you are using the Flowing Coral needlepoint rug as the “energy” in the room. What solid colors did you use for the upholstery? I would love to see pictures of the room, will you be posting them in a future blog?

    • bill barr Says:

      Thanks for reading. I specified creamy off whites on most of the upholstery and we are planning for small hits of a bright spring green. The only orange we are planning for the space will come by the way of fresh flowers or small accessories. And yes… there will be pictures, but the job won’t wrap-up till Thanksgiving of this year, so you’ll have to keep reading!

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