Modern Terrariums

January 30, 2011

I am crazy about these beautiful mini landscapes Designed by Jeffrey James.  WOW! so beautiful… Each terrarium created by James is one-of-a-kind.  He likes working with clients on all aspects of his creations (i.e., the shape of the terrarium, the plants, etc.)to ensure the right eco-system and the right aesthetic .  Along with custom-made glass cubes Jeffrey also designs  glass in more organic shapes and works with a glassblower to create the custom shapes.  Inspired by other artists who work with organic/biomorphic shapes… Anish Kapoor, Dale Chihuly, etc. Jeffrey James plays with shapes found in nature such as gourds; pebbles; mushrooms and fungi; legumes; and beans. In addition, he finds a great deal of inspiration in modern and mid-century modern design as well as the everyday… anything with beautiful curves that mimic life.

Jeffrey James hope is to provide the truest representation of nature using the Taoist principles of proportion and scale… taking into consideration the shape, texture and size of plants against the earth and the sky… and staying true to elements that one would find in nature. These miniature landscapes are definitely enhanced within complementary containers.  Visit for more information on Jeffrey James, the terrariums and how to acquire one.

Thanks Jeffrey for your kind response to my request for republishing rights.  You deserve much success!

Oh, and his blog is cool too…

2 Responses to “Modern Terrariums”

  1. Paula Hayes Says:

    I find it is very sad to see someone copy the outward look and feel of an artist’s work in the attempt to make it a commodity such as a home accessory. Perhaps after a bit of time Mr. Schneider will see what a living art work truly requires: a commitment to the life of the work; by personal relationship or spiritual involvement expressed with originality; even after it has left the maker’s hands.

  2. Kelli Says:

    I think the “modern terrarium” is very chic and stylish. However I found a very FUN and kid friendly animal habitat. The BioBubble. It comes in cool colors, my daughter has pink with fish and my son a green one with the newest member of our family “Rino” a horned camelion. Just check them out they are super cool and fun and can make just about anyonein the house happy!

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