Anthropologie Week – Day 5

January 26, 2011

Linens and things.  No, not that linen and things… This ain’t your mammas linens, these are linens by Anthropologie.  Just look at the fun and joy these kitchen towels exude!  Who wouldn’t want these cheery towels at the ready for drying hands and dishes?  I can totally see any and all of these towels in a beach house, widows open, salt air breezes and butterfly dish towel, heaven right?  OK well maybe it would take a strong cup of coffee and sourdough toast with butter and jam to qualify as heaven, but close to heaven a la carte.  I don’t know about you but I sorta think kitchen towels can be gross ( I am a self-confessed paper towel junkie ) with a paper towel you know it’s fresh and clean… but it is not very green!  So put away the paper towels for drying your hands and go out and get yourself a little slice of heaven via a pretty cotton towel that’s cheery, sweet, pretty, clever, old-timey or just plain cute.  I got mine!


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