Yo Fat Boy!

January 14, 2011

Hey… I didn’t come up with the name.  I guess this is a beanbag for people that care a little bit more than regular folks?  I’m still not sure about this one but it got my attention, so I’m posting it.  Is it outdoor friendly? I think so. Where can you buy it? On line I think… The website is crazy and says very little about the chair and the other accessories they make, but I like the chair, the soft unsrructured slouch of it… fun for a pool area ( if infact they are outdoor friendly ).  They make picnic blankets hammocks and shoulder bags too!  All groovy. her’s thier website: FATBOY

oh and look… a website that confirms they can go outdoors: www.allmodern.com/Fatboy if only the Fatboy website was so informative.  oh well, here is more of their cool stuff…


One Response to “Yo Fat Boy!”

  1. Claudia Says:

    We have/had 4 Fatboy items in the middle school library where I work. After 3 months of steady use and abuse, one of the larger ones (shaped like a dog bed) came apart at a place where many seams meet. The other three, which have held up well, have been temporarily withdrawn from use because they were proving to be “attractive nuisances.” We did, for the sake of political correctness, have to remove the Fatboy tags (by cutting them off). As you like to say, “Just sayin’.”

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