So Long New York

January 7, 2011

It’s snowing in New York City right now.  I found this image on a friends Facebook page (thx Peter T) and I just love the way it captures the city.  My partner and I took an apartment a year ago in New York City and the last year has been a blast, from decorating a small urban space to discovering restaurants, museums, and parks it has been an unforgettable year.  I have to say stepping into a new dining establishment and soaking in the good design and sumptuous food is the thing i will miss the most.  New York City is a dining Disneyland, imagine it and it exists somewhere on the island.  Here is an image of Matsuri (I’ve blogged about Matsuri before) so, so beautiful! and food so good!

Here is a very brief of some of my “always good, always beautiful” spots in New York: Matsuri – Red Cat – Balthazar – Cafe’ Luxembourg – DBGB – Cookshop – Co. (company) – The Fat Radish – Colicchio & Sons …all of them wonderful.


The other thing I will miss is the fashion.  People dress in New York, and by that don’t mean they are always formally attired, I simply men that attention is paid to the “look of the day” be it Preppy Gangster, Bohemian Banker, Yoga Momma, or “I only wear black”.  New York is a parade of good and interesting fashion.  Trends are definitely cultivated in the Big Apple and designers pack the skyscrapers here all hoping to be the next big thing… when they say New York is the center of the universe they really aren’t kidding.  So much of what America and the world consume is designed here, maybe not all made here, but designed and then devoured by the chic masses.  I have always enjoyed getting dressed but after my year in New York, I have a heightened appreciation for having the right outfit on and feeling good in my clothes.

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